Saturday, February 14, 2015

DCarsonCPA on the Tax Lines for 2015

DCarsonCPA on the Tax Lines for 2015:

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For the support lines on services for Businesses, Non Profits and Individuals / Families we work with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research to cover your needs on Taxation with compliance for the relevant Forms and Filing and needs on Transactional Research.  More at DCarsonCPA .

Sunday, January 25, 2015

DCarsonCPA The Empire Line

DCarsonCPA the Empire Line, a New York State of the Line on the Economy and Financials for Decision Makers in the Empire State (and other States as relevant with needs in the Empire State) . Following the Local, Multi-State, National and Global Lines on the Economy and Financials in the Aggregate, the Empire Lines are our focused points for cross sector needs specific to New York and the New York lines to the National and Global Economy.  New York  is Our Global Capitol and Our Window to the World as a cross roads of Global Trade.

As a rich and vibrant Cultural World Capitol the New York experience brings something of value to helping all points on the lines of needs for Industry, NGOs, Non Profits, Government and the lines of Individuals / Families and Communities finding pathways to growth and Economic Recovery in the Aggregate. The value to broad perspective and deep experience with the volume of knowledge in a Global City is finding more pathways to knowledge driven solutions paths to help on the immediate  needs on  Entity and Individual / Family needs through Financials and the broad lines of needs where we all meet as financial decision makers in the aggregate in the local, state, multi-state, national and global economy.

Our key points have always considered the lines of how to use financial skills to best support cross sector societal needs through financials as Accounting is a universal skill set to help on many needs in the Economy. For the key points where Economics, Statistics , Financials, Finance,  Laws, Rules, Taxation and IT converge we use cross functional skills to help on needs including but not limited to Financials, Accounting, Compliance, Project Management , Business Analysis and more. Learn more at DCarsonCPA

Thursday, January 22, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Tax Services

DCarsonCPA on Tax Services:

For the cross sector needs of Industry, Non Profits, Local and State Government and Individual / Family needs on Taxes. We work with a line of Federal, Multi-State, Local and International Tax Research for the needs on Taxation and Compliance for the various points of Laws, Rules, Forms and Filings that together in the Aggregate define the needs for Tax Basis Financial Reporting (we also cover the GAAP / IFRS, OCBOA and other Regulatory Lines as needed /  relevant  and determined in relation to specific needs as determined by valid services agreements for Clients ) .  Our relationships on Tax Services begin with a process to understand the needs on Taxation as they pertain to specific circumstances for Entities (Corporations, S-Corps, Partnerships, Schedule C / small business, Vehicles (Trusts and Estates, Funds, Real Estate, SPVs, Retirement / Health Plans et al ), Non Profits and Individual / Family lines on Taxation.

Our lines work within the relevant framework of the Laws, Rules, Forms, Filings, Tax Compliance and using skills on Economic, Statistical, Financial, Finance, Legal, Tax, Tax Compliance and Governmental Research working with the cross disciplinary lines of Tax Research to draw in broad awareness for the on demand needs of Tax Clients where we meet on Services. Our particular focus considers the value of Services, Research and Outreach for current awareness on Taxation. Taxation is a duty of compliance and it is also the funding line of the Governmental Economy making for an important point of Economic Research to follow the lines of Tax Policy at work which is an important element of Taxation and overall decision making in the Economy where we all meet as stakeholders in the Aggregate looking to the needs of the Nation, the States and Municipalities.

For the Eligible lines of working with Taxes there are the various rules that require Forms and Filings to determine and report Taxable Income for Entities, Vehicles (meaning Legal Entities... yes and Autos but those are not the point here where we mean what are referred to as "Legal Vehicles") and Individuals / Families. Once those Forms and Filings are engaged there is a sequence to the classification and allocation of various transactions and the mapping to specific forms and filings based on underlying Financials as the mechanics of Tax Compliance. In process we use Tax Research to seek, test, determine and meet your eligible deductions and credits on a Tax Basis. We additionally use Tax Research for current awareness of Policy changes, updates and pending legislation and rules relevant to your financials for on demand needs on Taxation. Awareness of Tax Policy is key to being fully aware of points where your decision making connects with Tax Policy in the Aggregate where awareness helps entity and individual / family lines of engagement on Tax Policy (meaning through awareness you have greater ability to have your voice in decision making that will meet your financials through taxation in process of Policy Formation as your best  ability to communicate on Policy lines for Taxation is logically through awareness.

This is a brief introduction as we open the Individual / Family Tax filing Season for 2015 and we welcome your inquires as to where we connect on Tax Services. Any valid relationships on Taxation start with the consideration of your needs on Taxation and typically a Fixed Cost agreement on services with some flexibility in the event of substantial changes in needs as we work together. That noted we define needs through an intake process designed to determine the needs up front to optimize the ability to define a fixed course and process to Tax Services, permitting for discovery of additional needs as we go but in the aggregate defining a relevant framework to our line to cover your needs on Taxation with compliance through the forms and filings as relevant to your Tax Circumstances.

We welcome you to connect with us at DCarsonCPA on Tax Services and will be posting more here soon for the needs this Tax Season .